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Bobby Jindal & Mary Landrieu : Birds of a Feather Oiled Together

by Lewis D. Eigen

Bobby Jindal and Mary Landrieu may  be Louisiana politicians of opposing political parties, but they have become stuck together by the thick oil produced by their current villain–BP.  The oil has so affected them that they squawk in raucous unison exhibiting the logic and intelligence often more typical of the intellectual capability of the Louisiana State Bird, the Brown Pelican. (more…)

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Fillibuster Facts

Historical Facts About the Filibuster.

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SOLUTIONS: Gimme That Old Time Filibuster

An innovative solution to the problem of almost constant Senate filibustering by the minority. A solution that preserves the right of all senators to say what they wish, but allows the Senate to move forward. it is to handle filibusters like the Senate did in the old days when there was the right to filibuster but that right was exercised rarely compared to today.

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