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Islamic Dialogues: 1–College in America

A dramatic dialog of an American Moslem father and his son with two imams in Detroit. The boy has been at the Univeristy of Michigan and the father had visited for the first time and was somewhat shocked. He asked his old friend and imam to talk with them as he was not sure that he was being a good father exposing his son to the diverse and non-Islamic culture of a large modern university. The imams view the situation very differently and present a microcosm the range of viewpoints on secular modernism within Islam.

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Perspective on the Obama Directive on Science Utilization in Policy Making

President Obama’s memorandum reproduced herein was issued to end and correct the abuses of the previous administration in corrupting the scientific process and imposing political and religious ideology on government scientific decisions. The president’s memo is annotated by Dr. Lewis D. Eigen, providing background and analysis of some of the requirements.

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Truth: Politics and Science Have Very Different Perceptions

An article on the difference in the concept of truth between scientists and politicians. They two cultures have almost diametrically opposite norms and concepts of truth. The dilemma of science in a democracy.

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Fillibuster Facts

Historical Facts About the Filibuster.

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SOLUTIONS: Gimme That Old Time Filibuster

An innovative solution to the problem of almost constant Senate filibustering by the minority. A solution that preserves the right of all senators to say what they wish, but allows the Senate to move forward. it is to handle filibusters like the Senate did in the old days when there was the right to filibuster but that right was exercised rarely compared to today.

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Louisiana Interracial Marriage Incident Has a Positive Aspect

In a strange way, Keith Bardwell, the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to perform an interracial marriage started a wondrous chain of events. As heinous as Bardwell’s dereliction of duty was, there is a positive aspect to this story–The reaction of the rest of the country

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