Submission Guidelines

What kinds of outside articles do you publish?
solicits articles that provide innovative ideas or perspectives on the world.  The form can be text, audio, video, or slideshow.  Articles submitted must be in one or more of these media forms.  We also require articles to follow our standards of Norms and Rules.

In what areas are articles sought?
Science, Politics, Health & Medicine, and History are the categories of the articles which we seek.  We are particularly interested in the interactions among the areas.

What is the required length?
We do not have any rigid policy on length.  Few text articles are under 500 words or greater than 5,000 but there are exceptions.  Audio and video articles tend to range from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

What is the sophistication of the Scriptamus community?
Well above average—especially in the areas mentioned above.  We seek not to be simplistic nor publish for the least common denominator of reader.  However, our readership, if they have extensive expertise usually have this in only one of our priorities.  So try and define all technical terms and abbreviations the first time you use them in an article.  Ours is an intelligent and educated readership.

Who owns the copyright if I submit an article?
You do with one caveat.  Scriptamus has an unlimted right to use any article submitted on any of its websites, in printed literature, or in books or other collections of Sriptamus.  You are free to publish the article elsewhere in whatever form you wish.  Our goal is not to amass intellectual property rights, but to spread innovative ideas and thinking throughout the world.  If we accept your article, it is because our Editorial Board believes that the article will make an important contribution.  As such, our objective is that it shall have as wide a distribution as possible and we would like to see the article published in as many places as possible as we are sure you do.

Are there any due dates for submission?
No.  Scriptamus is primarily an on-line publication.  As such we can publish within a few days of editorial approval.

Who decides if a submitted article gets published?
The Scriptamus Editorial Board.  At present we provide about a 1 week turnaround for publication.

Can graphics be included with publications?
Yes, we welcome any photos, drawings, illustrations, cartoons, tables or charts.

How should a prospective author submit articles?
Send the article electronically via e-mail to:

Attach graphics, audio or video to the e-mail.

If your e-mail provider has limits on attachments that make sending this way difficult or impossible, call us.  We have an FTP server and we will open a port for you.  Text should be submitted in Microsoft Word.  Use the standard, normal template and use Heading 1 for the Title and Headings 2, 3 or 4 for section and subsection heads.  Other than that do not bother to do any formatting other than for tables and charts.  Other than the heading formats, feel free to use bold, italic or underlines in any combination, but avoid all manual formatting. The Scriptamus website will automatically format your text.  You may also submit text in Rich Text file format (RTF) if you wish.  Please do NOT submit text or graphics in pdf format.  Media files can be submitted in any standard media format.

Can I submit a draft or outline or concept?
Yes, you are welcome to do so.  If the article does not seem likely to meet our objectives, we will so inform you.  Otherwise we will give you a tentative approval with the final decision to be made when the article is complete.

May an author of a Scriptamus article print paper reprints for personal or organizational distribution?
Yes.  If you wish, we have our own digital offset printing press and binding equipment and can give you a cost for us to print them for you.  Ideally, we would like to provide this service free, but unfortunately we must cover our costs for these extras.  Feel free to compare our rates to commercial rates in your area.  Call us for quotations.

Is a published article ever removed from Scriptamus?
Extremely rarely.  We reserve the right to publish or not and for what length of time on the Internet.  If there is a court order, we of course will obey it, but we generally believe in contesting these efforts on free speech, First Amendment grounds.  If we believe that were might be a serious legal problem we might take down a published article.  But our current practice is to keep all old articles in our archives and make them visible on Scriptamus.

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