About Scriptamus

This is a blog for readers seeking original and out of the box perspectives and suggestions for our society.  There is a saying in the bureaucracy of Washington:

If you didn’t write it down, you never said it!

There are tens of thousands of good ideas about our nation and the world, our society and our organziations–public and private.  Most do not even reach a few people, much less the critical mass needed to stimulate action.  So much of the public dialogue is so partisan that the ideas get lost in the heat of the oratory.  Scriptamus is Latin for “We Write.”  And that is what we do in Scriptamus: Write new ideas and perspectives for consideration by others who can comment upon them, improve them.  We welcome not only comments on existing articles, but also new articles from the interested public.

The major areas of content of Scriptamus include:

  • Science
  • Politics
  • History
  • Health & Medicine
  • … and the interaction among them

Scriptamus is provided as a public service by the Eigen-Arnett Educational and Cultural Foundation.  We are an IRS approved 501(c)3, non profit foundation.


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