The Israeli Lebanon War: Response to Switzerland

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In 2005, after repeated attacks by Hezbollah on  Israeli civilians and repealed loss of civilian life,  the Israeli’s attacked the Hezbollah strongholds in Southern Lebanon.  The Israelis had asked the Lebanese government to control the attacks coming from their soil, but they did not stop the terrorism.  The purpose of the Israeli attacks and incursion was to degrade the facilities of Hesbollah, to kill as many fighters as possible and to destro make the terrorists realize that Israel would not sumply allow the attacks because the terrorists were striking from Lebanon.  Hexbollah, embeded its fighters and facilities amongest the civillians of Southern Lebanon and often stored their weapons and ammunition in civillian facilities, fired their rockets from civillan private and public institutional property which then made the civillian facilities legitimate military targets according to the International Law and the Rules of War.

 Along with the military destruction, there was extensive Lebanese civillian collatereral damage.  Switzerland immediately called for a cease fire to end the civillian casualties; however, Israel needed time to destroy the Hesbollah facilities.  Lewis D. Eigen sent this private letter to the Swiss Ambasador to the United States, agreeing that it would not be made public for 5 years.  That time has elapsed.  This is the contents of the letter:

Dear Sir:

While Switzerland is usually quite moral on international affairs, the call for a ceasefire in The Middle East is quite unfair.

First it implies a moral equivalency of the two sides where the Lebanese Terrorists kidnapped Israeli Citizens and send missiles to kill as many Israeli civilians as they can.  I wonder whether the Swiss would react if terrorists in the Italian Alps fired thousands of missiles into Switzerland and the Italian government did not lift a finger to stop it and many government members supported it and facilitated it.

The loss of civilian life in Lebanon is also tragic, but Switzerland has always refused to face the fact that the Moslem Fundamentalist Terrorists are so certain of their religious duty that they sacrifice the lives of their own civilians.  The missiles are launched from apartment buildings, munitions are made in private homes, arms and bombs prepared and stored in hospitals and mosques.  How can the Israelis defend themselves without hitting the human shields?  Switzerland condemned Israel for firing on and destroying ambulances a few years ago, and I myself thought that improper only to find out that the ambulances were used to transport ammunition and allow terrorists to escape by pretending to be wounded.

Use your traditional neutrality to suggest specific methods by which the Israelis, Indians, Spanish, Indonesians, English, Americans, Thais and all the others who are the victims of fundamentalist Moslem terrorists can make sure that this stops.  And if you cannot do that, do not criticize the people who are trying less than perfect means to solve this dilemma.  They are trying to protect their people’s lives.

Your diplomats complain of proportionality as if this is a game where each move requires an equivalent move by the other side.  This is life and death and the object is not to retaliate; it is to STOP the murderous behavior.  There are Lebanese people killed collaterally and this is tragic for them and for the Israeli young men who in order to defend their families have to be a part of such slaughter.  But every death of an Arab civilian is a tragedy where such tragedies are trying to be minimized consistent with the defense objectives.  In contrast, the terrorists brag that they want to kill as many civilians as possible and if they only kill 10 it is only because they could not kill 20.  If the Israeli’s kill 10, they do not celebrate it as a victory but look upon it as an tragedy forced on all.

If the terrorists want a cease fire all they have to do is stop the violence.  If they want peace, all they have to do is sit down and negotiate.  The Lebanese government condones the terrorist behavior and does not even try to stop the aggression and terror.  It is possible that they do not have the power, but if they try honestly, much of the world would assist them so that they can get the terrorists disarmed.

How would Switzerland deal with terrorists whose only demand is that Switzerland cease to exist?

Have some humanity and understand the position of well meaning people all over the world who are not left with any decent choices to defend themselves and are forced into a choice of terrible alternatives—terrible in view of their own sense of ethics and morality.

Neutrality can go only so far and as Switzerland took it to an extreme in WWII and facilitated Nazi objectives – not all but many like the banks and the land speculators.  The issue is now joined where the moral contest is just as one sided.  Please ask your people to reconsider their positions and show that you are concerned for the lives and welfare of the victims of terror and not just those who vote for terrorists, celebrate terrorist murders, and provide material, financial, and spiritual supports for terrorists.

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