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Many Religious Fundamentalists Will Protect Human Clones

By Lewis Eigen

In an earlier article, Human Clones May Be Among Us Now! Who Is Ready?, we created the hypothetical situation where a woman pregnant with a clone would be cared for and protected by a Catholic Hospital.  The assumption in this hypothetical example that many Right-To-Life advocates are so sincere that they would protect the life of a clone whose creation they might fear or disapprove of under normal circumstances.  This kind of moral consistency is not always present amongst the so-called Right-To-Life movement where death and even deliberate death is often tolerated or even advocated in cases of war, execution, political murder of those who disagree, etc.

One criticism of my earlier article was that the premise of protection for the clone in utero was not supported by any evidence.  Happily, there is now evidence that is very strong.


February 19, 2010 at 1:46 AM 2 comments

New Research Weakens Anti-Embryonic Stem Cell Supporters

The opponents of embryonic stem cell research have received a major setback in their arguments.  New research has just shown that the alternatives that they advocated are not only not equivalent, but are decidedly inferior for the major purpose of the research–creating specialized human and animal replacement cells.

One argument against the use of Embryonic stem cells for research, in addition to the quasi moral one of using potential life forms, is that it is unnecessary because there is a scientific method of taking normal cells and treating them in the laboratory in such as way as to make them “pluripotent.”  This is the property that allows the embryonic stem cell to transform into any other kind of cell.  This of course is just what makes the  embryonic stem cell so desirable as a research tool.  And the new research shows that the alternatives are inferior–they die rapidly! (more…)

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Insurance Companies have already won the Health Reform battle beating out the Doctors and the Government. Will they take the money and run?

With the Massachusetts Senatorial election going to the man who promised that he would be the 41st vote to make sure that the minority of the Senate could control the Health Reform legislation of the nation, most people believed that the battle was entering a new phase and the winners and losers were yet to be decided. However, over a decade earlier, the real battle had been decided. The American consumers lost; the Government lost; the hospitals lost; the doctors lost. The health insuracne companies won and for the past decade has already ammased the economic fruits of its victory. And while all the other forces, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, politicians and citizens all fight it out, the one group that has already locked in a winning position for the next decade is the same insurance companies. All the rest of us will fight it out to determine how terrible the health care system will have become before the insurance companies just take the money and run. This article explains some of how all this was allowed to happen.

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