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Keeping the UN and WHO From Internet Control

This is a letter which was submitted to ICANN when the World Health Organization attempted to have a Top Level Domain .health created and they be given control over who can use the domain name. The purpose was to prevent the world from being flooded with inaccurate health information. The letter written by Dr. Lewis D, Eigen was part of what became a successful campaign to deny WHO the control of a Top Level Domain.

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Flip-Flop: Political Vice or Scientific Virtue

The difference between scientists and politicians when they are faced with new knowledge and the prospect of possibley changing their positions.

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Truth: Politics and Science Have Very Different Perceptions

An article on the difference in the concept of truth between scientists and politicians. They two cultures have almost diametrically opposite norms and concepts of truth. The dilemma of science in a democracy.

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Brain Cells and Democracy

New research indicates that some of the neuron cells of the brain may be organized according to the democratic principles of a New England town meeting.

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Fillibuster Facts

Historical Facts About the Filibuster.

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SOLUTIONS: Gimme That Old Time Filibuster

An innovative solution to the problem of almost constant Senate filibustering by the minority. A solution that preserves the right of all senators to say what they wish, but allows the Senate to move forward. it is to handle filibusters like the Senate did in the old days when there was the right to filibuster but that right was exercised rarely compared to today.

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Louisiana Interracial Marriage Incident Has a Positive Aspect

In a strange way, Keith Bardwell, the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to perform an interracial marriage started a wondrous chain of events. As heinous as Bardwell’s dereliction of duty was, there is a positive aspect to this story–The reaction of the rest of the country

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Ladies of the Laboratory 1: Challanging the Greats

The story of a young, scientist who was one of a very few female PhDs in Europe during the 1930’s and then found herself in a difficult dilemma as she suspected that the great Enrico Fermi had made a mistake in one of his major publications. Her fears and feelings as she developed the courage to “go public”, and the results are all described.

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